Cappuccino 16 capsules Mogorttini compatible Dolce Gusto

Cappuccino 16 capsules Mogorttini compatible Dolce Gusto

Cappuccino Mogorttini. 16 capsules for Dolce Gusto

Intensity 6/10

This cappuccino is the ideal choice to drink when you wake up first thing in the morning to face the day in the best possible way. It is a coffee with a lot of character, with a strong flavor and irresistible aroma, with a touch of milk and covered with a frothy layer.

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Información del producto

Cappuccino by Mogorttini, 16 capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto. Intensity 6/10.

Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee drinks with milk. Its origin belongs to Italy and is composed of an espresso base covered with a creamy milk and a considerable layer of delicious cream on top. In order to enjoy this Cappuccino we only have to start the coffee maker and put a single capsule of Mogorttini in it. With this, we will obtain a delicious coffee with milk, different from the rest, covered with a delicious cream on top and with a unique flavor and aroma. It is the classic Italian drink but ready in just a few seconds.

The Mogorttini Cappuccino allows you to enjoy this delicious coffee with milk but with a frothy layer of cream on top, using only one capsule and obtaining an exceptional quality.

The incredible brand Mogorttini was born from the company Vending Mogort S.L., a company with more than 30 years in this sector that has decided to launch its own brand to give the consumer a quality product.

The recommended dose is 120ml, it is advisable not to extract more to get the best possible flavor.

This Saver Format is comprised of 16 capsules of 7g each, forming a total of 112g of product.

Ingredients: Soluble coffee and powdered milk.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Vending Mogort S.L.®, Mogorttini® and® have no relationship with DOLCE GUSTO®.

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